Team Development

Our conviction

Successful teams are not built, just by putting people together...

It takes time and effort to develop as an individual, as well as a group to become effective, and to establish the necessary relationships, behaviors & dynamics to become more than the only a sum of individuals.

Our approach

We are convinced it is essential to develop a tailor-made program to maxime the opportunities to create an environment where we focus on the nature of participants' subjective experiences. This is an absolute need to enable sustainable (meaningful & long-lasting) development both as an individual, as well as a team.

Our team development process is both dynamic and interactive. It stimulates creativity and flexibility in order to be successful. It is a process in which team members can discover, recognize and explore which values, norms, convictions, emotions,... determine their own behavior, working relationships and understand the nature of team dynamics in regards to effective teamwork.

Our programs

Together with you, we define and start from the goals your organisation has set for itself, as well as those of each individual team member. Each member of the team is the owner of his/her own learning goal(s) and its result.

Starting from a concrete experience, participants can discover what strengths are present, what impact is generated, which change is possible or necessary,... Working from these insights and experience, supported by the own responsibility for personal learning- and development goals, we offer an optimal environment to integrate these and to grow as an individual, as well as a group. 

During the program, we combine different approaches to support your development process: 

  • experiential learning,
  • team- and individual feedback & coaching,
  • peer-to-peer feedback & coaching
  • NLP
  • Non-violent communication
  • LEGO® Serious Play®   


To support the sustainable development, going beyond the initial experience and outcome, we offer a follow-up path that can include different options:

  • follow-up sessions with the team,
  • individual coaching in ongoing personal learning & development goals,
  • organisational development or change projects
  • Leadership development and/or coaching

Our offer

Aspirations sprl offers companies & organizations one-or multi-day programs, residential or in-house, to facilitate their teams in group dynamic processes, team identity, values, mission, personal & team goals & objectives.

We often use outdoor activities to support and facilitate concrete experiences. These can vary from simple team dynamic exercises to more complex activities. Essential however is that the program is chosen and built in function of the team, its goals and development phases, and accessible for everyone to participate in his/her own manner.

Depending on your needs and goals, the team and its members, and the defined program activities, together with you, we choose the ideal location and any logistics or partners that might be required to be the ideal partner to realize your team development journey.

Korbeekstraat 43 3061 Leefdaal
T +32 (0)477 33 07 90


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